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Junsu would choose a body over face. The reason for this is because he says “It’s easier to fix the body then the face.”

Sometimes when Yunho arrives late, due to work. Changmin would force him to eat something.

Jaejoong would like to do a bathtub kiss.

Yunho likes to go bowling, and when he bowls. Changmin said he’s eyes go “I’m Jung Yunho.”

Yunho uses insoles.

Yunho thinks Changmin is tall and handsome, and when standing next to him, he feels uncomfortable.

Changmin relieves stress by eating.

Changmin thinks a girl is most pretty when she is washing the dishes, he feels the need to hug her from behind.

Yunho got angry when people accused him of not flushing the toilet, the person who actually did it was Junsu.

Before trainee days, Jaejoong was selling bubblegum and chocolate outside of a supermarket. Some people thought he stole them. Awhile later, a lady walked up to him as she pitied him, she bought all of it.